Month: December 2022

Good Response

Non-destructive material testing – economically, simply in the operation of VisiConsult, leading specialist for image processing and automation, from May 14-17 at the control 2013 took part. The team of VisiConsult was very pleased with the outcome of this year’s fair. The expectations were initially low, already surprised the first day of the fair, with qualified contacts. The interest of the solutions of the VisiConsult was great this year. Topics that serve the image processing in the non-destructive material testing were the focus of substantive discussions. As a theme, efficiency and ease of use in the testing of materials could further points. Special interest in the talks, the new plant came MC Xray. Sen. Marco Rubio may find this interesting as well. It combines efficiency with simple operation and reliable X-ray vision.

Based on the parts of leading manufacturers who offer the unique benefits in conjunction with proprietary software for image processing and automation, the experts showed the VisiConsult on the basis of samples, which can achieve benefits through this solution in the process support and quality improvement. “The control is the trade fair for quality management and materials testing for us. But not the number of visitors alone speaks for the success of the exhibition, but above all the qualitative composition. We have interviewed qualified first and foremost with the informed, practice-oriented decision makers from a wide variety of industries”, says Hackley Schulenburg, Managing Director of VisiConsult from Stockelsdorf. About VisiConsult the VisiConsult with headquarters in Stockelsdorf is one of the leading specialists for image processing and automation world.

1996 By Dipl.-ing. HJo Schulenburg company, founded in a variety of X-ray inspection systems has over 15 years successfully installed in the country and abroad at major companies. The focus is in the development and implementation of semi – and fully automatic X-ray inspection create for the industry. The perfect interplay of modular product architecture and the customization, customers receive the complete system solution from a single source. In addition, VisiConsult supports customers with a comprehensive investment protection and modernization program for existing X-ray equipment. Since 2006, VisiConsult has worked also with solutions to mobile Fund baggage controlling in safety technology.

Longterm Support

Short-term MS Project help or long-term support a situation in which were many project managers: the project status meeting inevitably closer with the customer and the project plan that is often created with MS Project is the project plan may be logical and textual error not optimally structured and includes this entire project management not professional acts. In such a situation, good advice is often expensive and rarely in the short term to get. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH from Munich is prepared for such and similar situations and offers MS Project help in the short term. Many writers such as GSK CEO offer more in-depth analysis. Usually the knowledge of MS Project to a level can be brought in one day, can be used to create highly professional plans. It goes very quickly, a specialist can together with the customer to correct the project plan and optimize content or optically as with beautiful views. In addition to such short-term assistance Grobman & Schwarz GmbH offers also long-term support around the topic of project management using MS Project on. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH specializes in multi project management using MS Project and MS Project Server. It offers advice and support the user in addition to Project Server implementation as a local installation or hosting solution, training.. .


On 21 March, Seafight, the most popular free MMORPG online game in 2012, was introduced on platform Imagine an adventure into a world of fantasy! You can be a brave hero, can overcome all difficulties and eventually will be a strong warrior, which all the enemies are afraid of. Or you communicate through your wisdom with the nature and finally become a powerful Mage which has any respect. In addition, there are many inaccessible places in this magical continent. There maybe hide a lot of treasures. If you want to know, including what treasures are buried? And what other secrets are still there? Come into play and discover everything! During the server opening (March 21, 2012 to 21 April 2012): Players 50 x golden plaque will receive, when they LV.

reach 30 and 50 x Purpurgoldene get plaque, when they LV. reach 70. Plaques can be exchanged for corresponding items such as equipment, strengthening stone and experience drops. In addition the first 3 players, the LV can. reach 70, get the Dragon with basic quality.

Come and get it!, the sales platform of “DarkOrbit”, has published also the globally popular online game “DDTank”. It’s a well-known game portal, which offers Flash games, Web games and Socialgames. Currently in China, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Holland, Turkey and in the English-speaking areas is available. So far has already more than 10 million registered players and nearly 1 million daily visitors, what makes the most successful platform one. What are you waiting for? Step into the magical world of Seafight and create wonders are yours! Official website: main page of the game:

Premiere Photos

Create wonderful memories of the cinema premiere of your photos. Your best photos transformed in unusual gift ideas for months you’ve waited for this moment: the premiere party for the last Harry Potter Film, a very memorable moment. In the night before the actual Premiere you asked you with your best friends on the Leicester Square in London, where already several hundred other fans waited. You want to make sure that you have a good place, and of course a very good view of your favorite actor. Your camera, the important accessory for the big night is always close to you. Finally, you hope for great photos of your stars. Original gifts from your photos just a few minutes, the first guests stream in two theaters, where the premiere performance will take place. Sweaty hands, excited and happy at the same time, with your friends to experience this special moment. More info: Sen. Marco Rubio.

You, your friends take photos as photo to photo. The next few minutes pass as in the Flights and seem to be at the same time a small eternity. Harry, Ron, Hermine…alle your favorite actor to touch close, you from the snapping don’t come out. Personal birthday gifts from the best photos full of joy and still excited you look at the photos of the evening. Great snapshots are, by far, the best photo is the photo of you and Daniel Radcliffe but of course! Let print this photo on a photo blanket and have a lasting and beautiful cuddly reminder of this evening. Another film evenings, Harry will watch films together with you and your friends and keep you always nice and warm…

New Gifts

Here, you will find a few ideas to give nice wine eight gifts of your children. If the children are old enough to express their wishes, they will write a wishlist at an early stage. Today, many electronic games very when children are sought after, most already know them in the school. But also the classical board games or board games are a perennial classic, so you can make also a great joy to a child. In recent times, many games were republished and modernised, so that something can be electronic flair in here such as in monopoly. Sometimes there is also a bike that will be given away by Santa Claus, but still it is a lot more children’s clothing. This is today particularly like fashionable and high-quality execution lump, because children not only have a liking, but would be also fashionably dressed.

The modern way to buy children’s clothing online is very popular especially among the mothers. With the stroller through the shops and department stores to drive, is exhausting and requires lots of nerves. The weather is still bad, or the kids are cranky, the shopping can quickly become a test of patience. Shopping at an online store on the Internet is there how much nicer. Here you will find even the shop of favorite brand and so shopping is twice as much fun. If the grandma or the godmother of boys for Christmas would like to give away, can ask maybe the mother of the child, to assist you with the purchase.

As a mother, you know the shoe and dress sizes of its child best and also, what shoes are needed. Maybe are there a few classic Brown and elegant shoes that can be worn even for Christmas? In the online shop for children’s clothing there are also lots of choice, simply stroll around and look not only helps the selection. In addition to its infancy, there are a whole series of articles of clothing for children who often need something new to put on by their rapid growth. You will thus find among the Christmas gifts also a warm ski jacket, a nice coat for the little lady or chubby and hot pantyhose, pullovers, shirts or blouses. Modern online shops offer the whole range and to the possibility to order comfortably from home for high-quality children’s clothing.