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Remember, it is their selection process is flawed, not you. Once you know your passions, desires, values and talents, you will be able to develop and find a number of careers that permitiracumplir them all at once. Now is the creation of the position you choose, rather than take a stand and adapt to it. Believe it or not, the more you know about yourself, the easier it is to create and find ideal position. Secret # 7 Go find your ideal position now ready to get your ideal position. If your ideal position is an already established, will be amazed at the ease and speed with which they will be able to get it. His enthusiasm, confidence, talent to perform, and especially their ability to produce quality results will attract many to any employer worth.

They will know that you really want to perform, instead of applying for a job. If your position is not a job, but where they are a business owner or independent contractor, you easily and quickly begin the process of building the position that suits your personal criteria. Secret # 8 for help to the right person leads people to believe that one can easily see inside and discover what is there on your own. Self-help books and assessment tests claim that reading the book or take the tests will reveal everything you need for your ideal career. Without However, both methods are far from having reached the truth. Discover what you really want, what their true talents or values is not a process of self-help.

We humans can not see the face without using a mirror or a photographic image. Just as you have to look in a mirror to see what you really think, must have another person acting as a mirror to seeing what you really want to do and be in life. Find and get someone to be your objective mirror to discover the truth about yourself, to find or create your ideal position. Secret # 9 Once you get your ideal position, stay there until it suits you to leave many people actually get a position that really love and meet their wants and needs. Then comes the promotion to raise these very productive and happy workers, because they are so happy and productive. Is expected to perform even better and with more enthusiasm because the new job pays more and has a higher status. But does not work that way. The new position higher is very different from what he loved, and their implementation is much more difficult to create conflict and stress, especially with the added pressure to do more. Once you reach your ideal position, having the value of staying in that position until his desires and needs for change to take you to get the new from its new criteria. The acceptance of promotions to suit others has ruined too many successful working relationships. Take control of your work and accept promotions only if they increase their ability to comply with their wishes and needs. Provided as an educational service of Bill Dueease Coach Connection, where “connecting great people with great coaches” is their goal.