Farmville Fun

From virtual games lately seen in social media the best are those that let you participate in real time, and of these, consider one with which we feel a real enjoyment and relaxation Farmville, in this application, the participant will opportunity to be in a completely natural environment as it is a farm, which may perform various activities, all related to their own work to be carried out when living in areas devoted to planting plantations and farming animals. While the player is involved in the game means you need to get experience points (XP) and earn money to buy seed, machinery, able to work their land plow, and meet all possible goals, the need to win money will be very important in the growth of your farm and you will be very motivated to carry out many activities to achieve that goal. You can harvest and sell their products without problems, learn to manage their costs without difficulty because the sales profits that used to be left to go shopping in the market for Farmville, with the purchase of items won experience points (XP) these points are important to move to other levels. As the game advances in the increasingly understands the importance of making money and players should strive to achieve in different ways and so does not stagnate in the early stages. As more productive hours only revenue stream on his farm is allowing you to fast forward through all the levels and the odds of winning depend on how many coins you to manage your crops will explain with an example: strawberries are sold 35 coins per parcel of land harvested and taken four hours to grow. On the other hand, pumpkins take 8 hours to grow and sell for 68 coins per plot when harvested. With strawberries 8.75 coins you earn per hour, simply divide 35 between 4 that is the time it takes to grow strawberries and that will give you an estimate of the amount referenced above, while the Pumpkins you will get 8.5 coins per hour, but this appears far more land to be cultivated with these plants increase profits smoothly and easily. The other important factor is time management, so that people who play have to be very aware of their crops are ready for pick up only and replant immediately replanting. If for some reason you can not attend his farm for long periods of time will have to grow crops such as pumpkins that warrant at least 8 hours to be ready, if you grow strawberries and lasts a long time without going to your farm and you wither these have lost their efforts, all these variables must be taken into account for the success in the farm management Farmville