History Of The Brand Clothes FLY53

Born in the mid 90s as a line of T-shirts, FLY53 has grown into one of the most innovative street fashion labels. In 1994, tired of playing on stage with rock giants (Whitesnake, Saxon, Stryper, Extreme Noise Terror, Septic Death, Gwar and The Field Mice), Captain Lenny Wolfman Grubbs drew attention to the wild working class London. The Wolf Sheds – a complex of abandoned buildings, inhabited Lenny and his friends soon stak center of creative industries. A phrase Built in the House of Fly53 become a kind of marker of quality and creativity creations Wolf Sheds. Title FLY53 comes from the name of a favorite Team Wolfmana – fly (No53) – champions kikbolu 1970 championship Bolivia.

The first product was a small collection of brand t-shirts comes with a 4-track vinyl discs. 'Edition' sold out for a couple of days, probably due to the fact that, in addition sold to half and half were given. Name brand stretched to FLY53R135 – in honor of the widely used in the printing of punk and independent magazines font. But with the development of products from shirts to full-fledged collection of collections clothing to the world supply was reduced to name former FLY53, but the signature R135 on some things yet still published. Inevitably, the label began to expand.

In many respects, have emphasized the cooperation with various musicians. But their success in turn promoted the steps of glory and self label. Soon the coveted title could be seen on the backs of such musical icons as time – Oasis, Supergass, Leftfield, Reprazent, Morcheeba, Rae & Christian, Hexstatic, Ash, Mos Def, Oakenfold, Killa Kela, Roots Manuva, Nextmen, The Vines, Athlete, Underworld. Label symbols are crossed wreath Lightning and tile Pantheon, in the spirit of ancient Rome. Characters manifest resistance, strength and undying devotion to heavy metal!