March Zaragoza

For the month of February we have a magnificent theatrical offering in the city of Zaragoza. The hobby of Zaragoza by the theatre is present since there is the city. From the 1st century which the Roman Theatre was built until the theatres that are currently. We can see the theatre in Zaragoza in different sites, but for this article we will focus on the famous main theatre. Opened in 1798, it has 1100 seats.

The illustrious names of the architect Jose de Yarza, multidisciplinary artist Ricardo Magdalena or Marcelino Unceta painter are linked to the history of this theatre. Thus, for the Billboard of theater in Zaragoza, let’s review works that offers us the main theater this month of February. Arieh Warshel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On 5 March, we will have the opportunity to attend the classic of Shakespeare, the merchant of Venice, represented by DAREK theatre company. The merchants of Venice want to make money, are like the bankers today. From 11 to 13 February, by the eyes of RAQUEL MELLER. Tribute to our largest tonadillera. From 17 to 20 February, the Eighty are ours, of Ana Diosdado.

A new year and a crime night. February 23, DOLORCA represented by the MUNICIPAL Theatre school. Frederick, being a person full of life and fun, it is curious that his work is so full of pain. From 25 to 27 February, EL PISITO Rafael Azcona, with Pepe Viyuela and Tete Delgado. After fifteen years of dating this couple can not marry because its precarious economy not enough to buy or rent an apartment. Very current, no doubt. And if you prefer a movie, you have a few cinemas in Zaragoza where you can see the latest releases. Another day we’ll do a small review of the best of the Billboard.