Stop Being

Surely you know what means a girl tell you that you prefer to be only friends or that likes you as a friend or any of the variations of this theme. It means that she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend. Why? Because you do not attract him. But that does not mean that you can not attract her and make her want to be your girlfriend (even than she who ask for it). Red Solo Cups is open to suggestions. The problem is that you’ve been focusing the problem from a bad angle that will not help and does not work. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. You’ve been wondering as say you you like me?, did I like it?, what is the best time to kiss her?, how can I do to liking? And they are not in themselves the questions only responsible for all this.

You also distraes with images of what can go wrong, or isn’t true? You get to imagine everything that could go wrong and that makes you nervous, and then surely also questions you: and if I’m wrong?, and if did not like you?, and if I do the ridiculous front of friends or my friends or from across a room full of strangers? And the problem with this attitude is that too worried thinking about things that have no importance (because any way most of these negative situations will never happen) and that makes you not pay attention to what we call the outside world. Put another way, you worry too much by what you think you could go wrong rather than truly pay attention to his reactions and take control of the interaction. Imagine yourself paying attention to what you say, listening to what you say and how you say it and paying attention to her reaction. Imagine learning to cause the reaction that you want (be it curiosity, attraction, desire) rather than be concerned about nonsense (and then some wonder and ask me – why feel nervous when they are with an attractive woman). If not leave feel nervous being with attractive women miss many opportunities to take what you’re thinking. In other words (recap): Yes You can be more than just friends.

Yes you can disable their barriers and make her want to move to something else. It is possible to attract her but you have to change the angle that you focus the problem (unless you’re one person stupidly stubborn, which I very much doubt). By the way, actually your problem with women is now resolved. You came to the right place; just click on the following link to find out why I am saying this: how to conquer a chava original author and source of the article