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History Of The Brand Clothes FLY53

Born in the mid 90s as a line of T-shirts, FLY53 has grown into one of the most innovative street fashion labels. In 1994, tired of playing on stage with rock giants (Whitesnake, Saxon, Stryper, Extreme Noise Terror, Septic Death, Gwar and The Field Mice), Captain Lenny Wolfman Grubbs drew attention to the wild working class London. The Wolf Sheds – a complex of abandoned buildings, inhabited Lenny and his friends soon stak center of creative industries. A phrase Built in the House of Fly53 become a kind of marker of quality and creativity creations Wolf Sheds. Title FLY53 comes from the name of a favorite Team Wolfmana – fly (No53) – champions kikbolu 1970 championship Bolivia.

The first product was a small collection of brand t-shirts comes with a 4-track vinyl discs. 'Edition' sold out for a couple of days, probably due to the fact that, in addition sold to half and half were given. Name brand stretched to FLY53R135 – in honor of the widely used in the printing of punk and independent magazines font. But with the development of products from shirts to full-fledged collection of collections clothing to the world supply was reduced to name former FLY53, but the signature R135 on some things yet still published. Inevitably, the label began to expand.

In many respects, have emphasized the cooperation with various musicians. But their success in turn promoted the steps of glory and self label. Soon the coveted title could be seen on the backs of such musical icons as time – Oasis, Supergass, Leftfield, Reprazent, Morcheeba, Rae & Christian, Hexstatic, Ash, Mos Def, Oakenfold, Killa Kela, Roots Manuva, Nextmen, The Vines, Athlete, Underworld. Label symbols are crossed wreath Lightning and tile Pantheon, in the spirit of ancient Rome. Characters manifest resistance, strength and undying devotion to heavy metal!

Indivisual Tayloring

Not so much in the life of the current representative of the fair sex moments when she can really unleash yourself to feel like a real woman. But sometimes even an incentive to eat, but opportunities are not arise. Not all girls are happy owner immaculate figures, which have a chance to quickly and easily buy ready-made clothes. Most often, that supplies the domestic light industry, the not a suitable standard female figure in fact not be able to fasten. Or on the other hand the result will be donning not happy. And the decision in such a position can only be one – is an individual tailoring of costumes.

Any representative of the fairer sex – or nearly every – is aware of what she wanted to see as her clothes, and, of course, can describe or choose from some magazine outfit. And as to alter outfit for a specific figure – the case of the wizard. Naturally, we can not always afford to permit suits to get high fashion, but to apply certain ideas, making adjustments in relation to our own bodily indicators, we have an opportunity in any case. And for this you can either revive their knowledge gained from long ago in school lessons on manual labor, and you can contact the tailoring atelier, where all the complexities of rapidly and reliably allow the wizard. And for the girls only need to select the very beautiful and pleasant tactile fabric. Tissue in principle – the main objective in this position.

Clearly, it would be best to select linens too, with the help of master tailoring, as not every model can sew clothes from selected tissues. In particular, important difficulties of tailoring festive clothing on the eve of the wedding. Naturally, we can take out, but actually the idea that you will put on a wedding dress that's up to you has already taken dozens of girls and will wear again and again even after you – by itself such a concept is not very attractive. Because custom tailoring wedding dresses – actually the most correct choice, when really become a really unique, eye-catching, elegant. Michael Bloomberg shines more light on the discussion. And to present itself as just such – this model, glamorous superstar. Every girl dreams about it actually – feel a delightful and, more importantly, to all without exception were around earnestly agree with the fact that it does not attempt to deceive themselves.

Usual Boutique Clothing Store

Today, we are often able to hear the phrase, saying, I bought this sweater in a boutique but few know that the line that separates a boutique and a regular clothing store is very thin, and the quality of the clothes offered in boutiques noticeably higher. Are shops where you buy clothes, is a boutique? Distinguish normal from boutique shop to help this article. The word "boutique" traded in the xix century fashion designer Charles Worth, who first opened the shop exclusive designer clothing, but only after 100 years the word came into use (from the French. Boutique – a small shop, specializing goods). Speaking candidly W.S. Badger told us the story. Then the cost of clothing, footwear and accessories in boutiques was three times less than prestigious houses of fashion. At present, there are three trip boutiques, vary in price offered goods. Type 1 boutiques – it stores, the clothes specifically a designer, often supplied directly from the fashion impressions. The cost of clothing starts from 40 000rub, but there are cheaper boutiques of young designers.

These boutiques are low cost of the proposed clothing, despite the original design and stylish high-quality goods. In such boutiques almost all clothes brought in a single item whose size is 42-44, although, if necessary, immediately, directly to you its fitting on the size. In type 2 boutiques include clothing, footwear, accessories, value of 7 to 40 000rub 000rub. Typically, these shops will not find in regular shopping malls. They are placed either individually (for example, in the trendy area), or in shopping malls premium.