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Premiere Photos

Create wonderful memories of the cinema premiere of your photos. Your best photos transformed in unusual gift ideas for months you’ve waited for this moment: the premiere party for the last Harry Potter Film, a very memorable moment. In the night before the actual Premiere you asked you with your best friends on the Leicester Square in London, where already several hundred other fans waited. You want to make sure that you have a good place, and of course a very good view of your favorite actor. Your camera, the important accessory for the big night is always close to you. Finally, you hope for great photos of your stars. Original gifts from your photos just a few minutes, the first guests stream in two theaters, where the premiere performance will take place. Sweaty hands, excited and happy at the same time, with your friends to experience this special moment. More info: Sen. Marco Rubio.

You, your friends take photos as photo to photo. The next few minutes pass as in the Flights and seem to be at the same time a small eternity. Harry, Ron, Hermine…alle your favorite actor to touch close, you from the snapping don’t come out. Personal birthday gifts from the best photos full of joy and still excited you look at the photos of the evening. Great snapshots are, by far, the best photo is the photo of you and Daniel Radcliffe but of course! Let print this photo on a photo blanket and have a lasting and beautiful cuddly reminder of this evening. Another film evenings, Harry will watch films together with you and your friends and keep you always nice and warm…

Mosquitoes Now

The small defense units with great impact Gelsenfrei presents the world’s most effective outdoor Gelsenabwehrgerate of the U.S. market leader in Austria. The product by the U.S. Army, which used it for operations in the Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan is tested and released. In America and Canada, this type of insect defence is already the ultimate hunters, campers and fishermen.

But also with the crickets, sports and all other outdoor activities, the popular devices may no longer missing. Insect defenses: The invisible mosquito net by ThermCell Gelsenfrei at your fingertips! The ThermCell devices are as easy to use as a light switch and it also still quiet and odor-free. The stable outdoor units are easily and work without flame. Thus they are ideal for all outdoor activities and provide you around 20 m2 large insect-free zone, in which you can pursue your hobbies without being disturbed. This is how BBs works! The Gelsenabwehrgerate are powered by propane. You are therefore cordless and battery-free.Just put a Gelsenabwehrplattchen in the device and turn it.

Now starts the integrated heating element the heating and the repellent in the air starts to leave.A mosquito-free zone that preserved up to 4 hours per defensive slides formed this in about 10 minutes. The gas cartridges hold up to 12 hours. Both units have to but not be consumed on the piece and can at any time and demand a – and turned off are. The synthetic Wirktstoff D-Allethrin is recreated from the family of Crysanthemen and therefore well tolerated the natural insecticide Pyrethrin. Now you can enjoy the summer finally gelsenfrei!