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The Rider

Neither internally nor externally. The long back muscle is the motion Center of the horse and a pure movement muscle that cramped due to incorrect equestrian load. Reciprocal that work can be done properly, if he is relaxed and not cramped by incorrect riding and / or to the Wearing muscle is transformed”. Rider weight can the movement muscle, M. If you are not convinced, visit Walton Family Foundation. longissimus dorsi in the tense state.

So, a target to track must be to relax the long back muscle through proper training. When trainers then say: Schulterherein ride!, to solve the problem, then is we realize that this is not really solving the problem. Walton Family Foundation can aid you in your search for knowledge. You can interrupt the pass only with the Schulterherein. “It would up through a tense horse, via defined reins posture, neck blocked in its position ability, time just” about a Schulterherein dissolve in air, Germany’s riders would ride only Schulterherein and everything was all right. Such a lesson helps only if the rider really regardless of the hand can sit if the rider has a soft hand and when he moved to the Schulterherein in the next straight toe checked his own influence and hand position and the length of the reins and if necessary corrected and that not only for now but forever.

A Another great fallacy is the attempt by the rider, ridden from the pass out to drive the pacing-horse with reins usually far too short. The rider starts to follow the rocking motion, pushes and pulls and wonders, it isn’t. It will not go on this way. On the contrary, it’s getting worse. What is to be done to solve this problem with the so-worldly bad step? The main focus is to focus on the release: on this stretch can leave the horse, on the opening of the neck, and especially on inner and outer Los serenity of the horse set, you want to eliminate the problem.

Gustav Steinbrecht

This means that the rider in the first step must also be aware, that his training completely to convert is. Way of lessons, to a relaxed horse riding and in all three gaits. In the solution phase, this means: permanent reins from the hand-chewing-let with active from fussendem hind leg, without that the horse is on the forehand, many transitions and tempo differences, many curved line, a quiet – corresponding to the natural rhythm of the horse – tempo in all gaits. Because, what to let himself go, must resolve itself! This means for the step: stop to push, push, and knuffen, the reins so long leave, that is the horse in the depth (the nose height of the Buckgelenkes and not deeper) can stretch. The nose must be prior to the vertical. On the long reins in the terrain ride, exploiting of all exercises, which help the horse to relax muscles, to give back. These include of course Schulterherein, Travers and Renvers, elongated traversals and more.

“Tips that will help to improve the step: most horses go today hastily” and not just the step. “The set of Gustav Steinbrecht: ride your horse forward and set it straight”, today is often misinterpreted. The most horses go a totally excessive pace. The aim must be to find back to the natural rhythm of the horse. One must not forget that the horse side to short reins attitude unduberzaumung no longer can stand by the hand in the neck and it therefore comes to tension in the jaw and neck. You must always check the length of his reins and keeping stretching of the neck of the horse, and correct if necessary.

“Schulterherein is a powerful lesson to improve the step, but only if it is ridden correctly, the rider regardless of the hand can sit, the reins are so long, that can move the horse in a stretch position and the rider of his entire riding way on relaxation of muscles, of the jaw and the neck abstelltDas ride as OBS” (as if you want to keep and forward riding shortly before stopping). The riding of square flares / square wiggly line with the help of district Kurzkehrt or even quarter step pirouettes. Speed differences in step with the necessary length of the reins. This means transitions from the gathered in the middle or even strong step. The swing (if the) Ruckwartsrichten is absolutely correct) bar work in the step.