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Ski Holiday With Snow Dome And Park Hotel Berlin Experience

Hotel Berlin Park invites – “the call of the mountains leads the North German not in the Alps, but in Bispingen getaway-ski weekend in the heart of the Luneburg Heath. There is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts since October 2006.” “Skiing in the middle of the Luneburg Heath a piece of original Solden” in Northern Germany with new snow on 365 days in the year and optimal conditions for skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, snow offers a dome in Bispingen. The SNOW DOME in the Luneburg Heath is with a length of 300 metres and a width up to 100 meters the largest indoor ski slope in Europe. The ski Hall is waived on pillars inside and the ski lifts under the ceiling mounted, there skiing for the first time in Europe without obstacles on the runway. The 300-metre long slope offers free train on the descent with the detachable 6-seater chairlifts and the T-bar tow, which are fixed by an innovative system under the roof.

The optimal slope ensures the proper swing, whether for skiers, snowboarders and sledders. Rubio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The Gradient of 9% and 20% is prepared overnight always again best of most modern snowcats for the next fun in the snow. The Hall is cooled to a temperature of 2 to – 4 Celsius, so that the first snow in Bispingen can fall. In addition 13 snow guns with unique high quality powder snow will conjure up an idyllic winter landscape it. The modern refrigeration ensures snow at its best at constant low air humidity. All die-hard snowboarders who want to experiment, are in the right place in the separate Burton fun Park.

In the snow dome in Bispingen can exercise the snow trickster on three different ramps daredevil jumps: ski jumping in Bispingen! “A frame”, curve-box”as well as up-down box” called the seven to nine meters of long and 0.5 to 1.10 meters high obstacles which stand ready to do so. And on top of that, there are still several smaller kicker. The ramps in the mini fun Park are smaller and most suitable for children and beginners. Who drive trick ski or snowboard want to, is on the fast toboggan run in good hands. Of course, the SNOW has a rental service with everything you need to storm the slopes DOME: skis, snowboards, Zipflbobs, pants and jackets for the complete winter outfit. Top brands such as atomic, Burton, and the limit are available and can be tested. For hygienic reasons, hats and gloves are not awarded. Beginners can turn in the SNOW on a separate slope with qualified ski and snowboard teachers ACADEMY the first turns. Also off the slopes, the gastronomic experience with five different bars, restaurants and apres ski lodges in the Tyrolean Alps architecture offers original Austrian flair. Whether style ala carte or hearty rustic, for everyone the right location there is. After the slopes, the apres-ski are voted on from 17: 00 at the Dorfwirt hits and every Friday from 21: 00 get the large Almenrausch-parties or other theme parties. The short ski holiday in the Park Hotel Berlin, Bad Fallingbostel who not the winter will wait or would like to drive the long road in the Alps, is an opportunity for the short holiday ski offering of the Park Hotel Berlin, Bad Fallingbostel the skiing fun 365 days a year to experience. Because here the guest benefits from the individual facilities.


Travel tips for last-minute around the largest folk festival in the world with the traditional o’ taps into is”opened the anniversary Oktoberfest on September 18th at noon of the Lord Mayor of Munich. The Munich Oktoberfest is not only the number one among the festivals in Bavaria, but also worldwide. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary, there is an extra day for the first time. More than 6 million visitors from all over the world are expected until October 4 to 177. Oktoberfest. Many combine their visit to Oktoberfest with a short break in Munich or in the surrounding Upper Bavaria.

Here as there, there are many interesting events during the Oktoberfest. The Munich theatre landscape launching in time for the October Festival in the new season. The City Museum shows an exhibition titled the Oktoberfest 1810 2010 “. Many renowned artists give concerts in Munich during Oktoberfest. In Upper Bavaria, the landscapes with many hiking trails and bicycle routes provide a pleasant contrast to the hustle and bustle at the Munich’s Theresienwiese. In many places he finds Almanac instead. Worth seeing is also the magic of rocks in the casting Gorge. The passion play in Oberammergau, Germany are a cultural classic.

Even when the nights, Munich occupies the leading position among the Bavarian top 10 cities. During the Oktoberfest, the search for accommodation and hotels last minute is usually somewhat more difficult, but not impossible. A switch to Upper Bavaria should greatly simplify the lodging search. Even the widely branching Munich S-Bahn network can be used conveniently. Who who want to enjoy the variety of the Alps can be with the car or the train quickly for a day trip to Munich. The aftermath of a visit to Oktoberfest can be located in Erding and Bad Reichenhall best at relaxing in a spa cure. The Oktoberfest was celebrated for the first time in 1810. The world’s largest folk festival owes the location on the Theresienwiese”the name Oktoberfest. In addition to the rides there are many marquees, large and small, in which for the first time Smoking is prohibited. The admission is free. Particularly recommended is a visit to Oktoberfest during the week. The number of visitors limited abides until 18: 00. Reduced prices for many food and rides from 10 am until 3 pm. The typical drink at the Oktoberfest is the beer in the mug. 2010, there’s a special jubilee beer. Bavaria Tourist.info is specialized in tourism in Bavaria as a tourism portal of BDP GmbH. In six categories including top 10 city, active in Bavaria or natural paradises, Bavaria Tourist.info offers a wealth of suggestions for city and adventure tours in Bavaria. The clearly ordered tourism provider database allows after regencies and / or keyword E.g.

Polish King Jan Sobieski

A city trip to Lviv in Lviv Ostgazilien, since 1998 world cultural heritage, testifies with many historical and architectural surprises the turbulent history of the former capital of eastern Galicia. The Lviv he travels the culture lovers to a turning and focal point of different cultures and different religions. Not only the architectural features of Lviv, but also the city’s multicultural charm delight explorers. Upon arrival in Lviv, the pristine, picturesque old town offers the best framework for a first contact of the environment and a first contact to the population. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gallo Family by clicking through. In pretty small street cafes, visitors can make to look lively night life and the first Ukrainian cuisine as a prelude for his further stay. Walton Family Foundation spoke with conviction.

With a rustic breakfast you agree on a busy day. It is equipped for extensive exploration stroll through the historic old town. Beautiful places, historic houses and architecturally charming churches along the way. In particular, the recently restored marketplace Ryok is worth a visit. The visit of the Armenian Marien Church from the 14th century and the Dominican Church of Chorpus Christi from the 18th century are a duty for anyone interested in the culture. Further, the route passes to the famous hotel “George”, an architectural masterpiece of the architects Helmer & Fellner in the Jewish quarter of the city. To then with a visit to the historic fortifications including the famous powder tower built in 1556, which in 1954 was restored, ending up. Time, with delicious Ukrainian dishes, to soak up new energy.

Because the night belongs to the art. A visit to the famous Lviv Opera is on the agenda. The guest, but also an excellent art enjoyment of the Lviv Opera ensemble is not only an architectural showpiece. A crowning of a busy day and a good recovery period to be prepared for the next leg of the journey of Lviv. The next day will be show that Lviv more holds much cultural surprises. The tour of the Museum for folklore and folk architecture is a must for every visitor. So on to the Shevchenko Hill. The open-air museum offers insight into the 200-year old traditions of the Carpathian people. Not only the traditional houses and huts from the Carpathian region, but also the ritual work and the life of indigenous peoples be brought closer to the guest. Who one day studied the sometimes laborious practices and customs of the old people, has earned a peaceful end. After a pleasant night, one is again full of beans and should dare the trip of Lviv once an excursion in the area. You spend a wonderful day in Zhovkva, a charming historic town. Of particular interest here is the well-preserved town centre from the middle ages and the nearby Orthodox monastery Krechiv. Whoever finds the time on the trip of Lviv, visit also the birthplace of the Polish King Jan Sobieski. The Castle Olesko and the surrounding park invite you to the stroll in the middle of modern art. There is also a small village, where according to tradition, Black ceramic is made in the surroundings. The small town Brody with the ruins of the synagogue and the Jewish cemetery is also worth a visit. Also you should be one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Pidhirtsy don’t miss. Thus, you can experience a trip of Lviv, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Sonja Krause, Aktiv-Reise.Netz

To Travel To Milan

World capital of fashion and design in Italy can be is always good holidays make it. A metropolis, which perfectly sums up the advantages of the country under a hat here, is Milan. Here is everything the heart desires – good food, culture, shopping and even football combined. The online portal fluege.de presents the advantages of the Italian capital. A flight to Milan is worthwhile in many ways.

There are experience tons and to discover. The capital of fashion and design is of course quite forward culturally. Highlights include the Duomo with its Gothic facade, which is adorned by 3,500 characters. “Also may lovers of the art of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting the last supper ‘ not to be missed, that can be visited in person in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Another must is the art gallery, which is located in the Palazzo Brera and has works by Leonardo, Raphael and Caravaggio in the repertoire. In the Castello Sforzesco, Michelangelo’s PietRondanini can also”be admired. In the Castle, formerly to the defence served, are today numerous museums.

An opera is the perfect end of a cultural day in Milan in La Scala in Milan. However, the performances in this world-famous Opera House are usually long before sold out. Who still wants to visit the Interior, can look alternatively at the La Scala Museum. Of course, also the shopping tour belongs to a stay in Milan. The most famous designers gather in the so-called Golden Square, which can be reached via the tram line 2. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Lillehammer – A Winter

Fed up with Sun and snow pure Lillehammer is a term many sports fans in particular as former Olympic city. But the peaceful city, which is almost 200 kilometres from the capital city of Oslo, has lost none of its appeal. Finally offers she still ideal skiing conditions and thus the past reliving. Fluege.de looked at more the ski area itself, without compromising on the compensation in the form of apres-ski. Winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world lay siege to Europe’s most famous ski resorts in the winter months. Red Solo Cups wanted to know more. In particular Austria, the Switzerland or the Czech Republic can not complain about poor attendance. But there are alternatives. A flight to Norway beginning an exciting skiing holiday can be.

In particular, the region around Lillehammer proved to varied ski area. So fans of the Alpine or cross-country ski and snowboarders will come fully at their own expense. Above all the ski resorts of Hafjell, Nordseter and Sjusjoen circulate due to their difficulty level for the desired challenge and accordingly to prevent boredom. Yet no shortage of relaxation. So, in particular a shopping spree by the pedestrian street, Storgata ensures a free header. Sports shops are many, owing not least the sporting past of Lillehammer. For campers and hikers, this is sport 1 “a recommended point of contact, to replenish their equipment. Culinary or alcoholic delights Storgata prove also good address.

Numerous bars, restaurants and clubs make the weary bones back awake. Who is tired of skiing or snowboarding, however, fresh air does not want to renounce, can romp right at a dog-sled ride or a snowball fight. More information: news.fluege.

Skiing Holidays In Salzburg

Fronds slowly gaining the Sun when the sun shines in the Gastein Valley in Salzburg more strength and especially for skiing that affects positively on the mind. The layers of clothing are less and driving down the ski slopes in the ski holiday in Gastein with a sunny smile. The ski resort Gastein Valley offers a large number of choices, where you want to spend an unforgettable day’s skiing with his skis and snowboards with its many individual ski resorts. Wide, well-groomed slopes, waiting for large and small winter sports enthusiasts. Sen. Marco Rubio has many thoughts on the issue. Ski areas of Gasteinertal sport Gastein Graukogel Dorfgastein sweeping sunshine numerous ski huts and mountain restaurants are scattered to find Grossarl Valley Schlossalm – Angertal – Stubnerkoge in the ski resorts and attracts each with typical Austrian hospitality and the delicious dishes. Strengthen after a sports morning on the slopes with Kasnockn, Wiener Jayashree, or a sweet Kaiserschmarrn or Germknodl. Of course on the wonderful terrace of the Everything tastes just twice as good ski huts and mountain restaurants, because in the warming Sun.

Also in the afternoon, you should plan a break in the Sun with coffee and cake and if you sit, you can take off your jacket, because you know what power is already in the Sun. Also Sun off the slopes in the winter holidays in the Salzburger Land in the Sun from the sky, cross-country skiing, ice skating or winter hiking smiles the many winter sports opportunities in the Gastein Valley, everywhere is the glittering snow. You will get the info where you can practice what winter sport in the Gastein Valley, at the 5 star hotel EUROPISCHER HOF. Enjoy your ski vacation in Salzburg and let the Sun on the belly.

Snow-shoe Hiking In The Alps Under Dreamlike Conditions

The next cool days you can outwit dreaming sleep in, on a Palm Island or there experience where they are the most beautiful in the mountains. See Proper Topper for more details and insights. Snowshoes allow the non – skiers to experience this fascinating winter world. Thanks to modern technology, the devices are lightweight and easy to handle, and already after a short time you can carefree enjoy the Alps accompanied by an experienced mountain guide. Statistically of active citizens out of town but today more than ever, but at a time of few days. Exactly this target group and tailored to the Alpine specialist offers World pictures Alpine travel, on his popular snowshoe weekends. The travel provider offers five completely different snowshoe tours on its Web site.

Ranging from the lightweight snowshoe weekend relax-Hotel down to winter crossing of the Alps. The necessary equipment like snowshoes, avalanche – or avalanche shovel can by the Organizer available be made. Larger purchases are thus eliminated. There is still the “small” weekend adventure: the deserted snow-covered regions of the Alps experience very intense – on snowshoes!

Holiday Inn Algarve Hotel

In addition, trivago integrates 42 million hotel reviews and over 14 million photos. Using individual filters and search criteria, users will find the perfect hotel. trivago compares the prices of online travel agencies, but the rates and the user learns whether for example the breakfast included is. The trivago GmbH with its headquarters in Dusseldorf was founded in 2005 and operates now 39 international land platforms in 24 languages. This press release is copyrighted and free for publication only when naming the source trivago. To the distribution list to join, please contact. Pictures of the hotels: 1 Marcos Beach Hotel (image source: Marcos Beach Hotel) views of the hotel at night: one of the rooms: the pool of the House: sea view: balcony of Mylopotas: 2. Hotel Apartamentos Caledonia Dunas (image source: Apartamentos Dunas Club) views of the hotel: rooms view: views from the balcony: panoramic views from the hotel: 3. La Ciaccia hotel (image source: La Ciaccia hotel) exterior of the House: A the room: views over the resort: the swimming pool: pool at night: the walk to the beach: 4 sea breeze hotel (image source: sea breeze hotel) views of the hotel: room view: sitting in the hotel room: bathroom: sea & Beach Hotel: 5 hotel Orca Praia (image source: Orca Praia) views of the hotel & the pool: views of the hotel & pool at night: views from the pool on the sea: Room view: the restaurant: the terrace: 6 La Cala hotel (image source: La Cala hotel) view from the hotel on the beach: one of the rooms: the entrance of the hotel: terrace: 7 hotel Tagomago (image source: Hotel Tagomago) the exterior of the hotel: swimming pool & Beach: rooms view: the restaurant: 8 Orsmaris boutique hotel (image source: Orsmaris boutique hotel) the entrance of the hotel: views of the resort: exterior view of the hotel: room view: private beach: one of the swimming pools: the terrace: 9 hotel Eden (image source: Eden) the exterior of the hotel: views in one of the rooms: the breakfast room: swimming pool: 10 Holiday Inn Algarve Hotel (image source: Holiday Inn Algarve Hotel) overlooks the hotel: views of the outdoor pool & Beach: the terrace of the restaurant: