To Travel To Milan

World capital of fashion and design in Italy can be is always good holidays make it. A metropolis, which perfectly sums up the advantages of the country under a hat here, is Milan. Here is everything the heart desires – good food, culture, shopping and even football combined. The online portal presents the advantages of the Italian capital. A flight to Milan is worthwhile in many ways.

There are experience tons and to discover. The capital of fashion and design is of course quite forward culturally. Highlights include the Duomo with its Gothic facade, which is adorned by 3,500 characters. “Also may lovers of the art of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting the last supper ‘ not to be missed, that can be visited in person in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Another must is the art gallery, which is located in the Palazzo Brera and has works by Leonardo, Raphael and Caravaggio in the repertoire. In the Castello Sforzesco, Michelangelo’s PietRondanini can also”be admired. In the Castle, formerly to the defence served, are today numerous museums.

An opera is the perfect end of a cultural day in Milan in La Scala in Milan. However, the performances in this world-famous Opera House are usually long before sold out. Who still wants to visit the Interior, can look alternatively at the La Scala Museum. Of course, also the shopping tour belongs to a stay in Milan. The most famous designers gather in the so-called Golden Square, which can be reached via the tram line 2. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann