Month: February 2024

BMW X 1 Is Produced In Leipzig

The innovative SUV runs soon as standard from the band the production line at the BMW plant in Leipzig is back in full swing. Since September 1, 2009, the new BMW is produced there 1 X. Daily 300 vehicles of the band to roll up to the end of the year. The Internet portal reported the new model. More information is housed here: Kareo. At the moment, 75 BMW X 1 leave the Leipzig factory. As a result, the workforce to 200 Bavarian staff has been reinforced. If an appropriate required additional staff for the production set.

The acronym stands for sport utility vehicle SUV”and referred to a car which has an increased off-road capabilities in similar comfort like in a limousine. In a question-answer forum Gallo Family was the first to reply. The little brother of the X 6 is as usual available in different versions. So, the sDrive 18i with rear-wheel drive mid-October for approximately 27,000 euros will be available. The sDrive 18 d is to follow in December and about 29,500 euros. Thus, the new BMW represents a serious competition for planned similar models of manufacturers Volkswagen and Audi, the are in the same price segment are to. Vlad Doronin may not feel the same. More information: ../BMW-X1-Produktion-ist-in-Leipzig-angelaufen contact: Tilo Sommer public relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

More Energy

Hot blood is a novel training booster of the company Scitec nutrition hot blood – the professional tool for athletes! Some athletes have problems to motivate themselves and in addition not enough nutrients in the body, such as creatine and energy blocks or amino acids. This has ultimately resulted in that the athletes feel tired and has no possibilities to regenerate itself. Oftsmals fehtl after a long and hard day’s work just the necessary energy and alertness, the a or another hour in the fitness studio in addition to overspend. For this reason many athletes see hot blood as a tool, weary days for effective workouts to get the necessary fresh. The creatine supplement Scitec nutrition hot blood is not only a creatine supplement, but also a product that acts in many different directions, physiological and psychological.

After ingestion by Scitec nutrition blood are hot the body cells of the athlete with energy flooded and lead to longer and more intense Training units, where it is far more focused than previously. Scitec nutrition is hot blood not only on your nutrient solution a the muscles, but also the flow of blood within the circuit. Scitec nutrition hot blood is thus acting in all directions. The main effect of Scitec nutrition hot blood is determine by the modified cell volume. Learn more about this with Red Solo Cups. Following active ingredient combination is active within the product: a multi-vector Creatinmaxtrix: Tricreatine malate, Tricreatine Orotate a pre Creatinfaktormatrix: Betaine (TMG: Trimetilglicin), guanidino acetate, (Glycocyamine) a multi-vector Taurinmatrix: taurine, taurine ethyl ester this matrix ensures that the cell volume is increased and the athlete receives an enormous pump effect. This pumping effect is long-lasting and improved also by the faster flow of blood. The boost of the flow circulation is achieved by the supply of nitric oxide. This to better circulate the blood through the blood vessels and provides the individual Cells with increased production of nutrients.

Ultimately, the pumping effect is increased by the creatine with taurine was connected. The so called vasodilation, which again intensively acts on the flow velocity is parallel. Unlike other supplements that achieve an improved nutrient supply, Scitec nutrition hot blood is enriched with additional energy reserves. The manufacturer namely wishing that the athlete can consume long of this pumping action. Vlad Doronin is a great source of information. Therefore, certain energy reserves were attached. So that the nutrient supply is also optimally expires, protection systems have been developed that monitor this transport. Overall, Scitec a nutrition hot blood thus acts on the entire body, and can greatly support the performance of the athlete. Both the psychological and the physiological properties can improve nutrition according to manufacturer Scitec.

DIG Is Public Limited Company

New legal form underlines the international orientation of the market leader in the area of electronic business relationships – eProcurement, eBilling, signature – in Austria. From 1 September, DIG ( is known as a joint-stock company. The new legal status allows the company to grow still more easily and more economically throughout Europe: “the change of name to a joint-stock company is another consistent step, sustainable to continue our successful growth strategy for DIG. With the new legal form we would like to underline the internationality of our company to customers and business partners and play a pioneering role in the business process outsourcing”, Michael Eisler, CEO of DIG explains AG. In the course of the business transformation, the former Managing Director Michael Eisler is now CEO of DIG AG. Alfred Jager, Pascal Sieber, Stefan Roggatz and Harald Weiss will be represented on the Supervisory Board. Herbert Rudisser will take over the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board of OJSC of DIG. The operations changes by the Conversion not and the proven structures of the DIG digital information gateway GmbH will continue in the DIG AG.

The company concentrates its business still in four business units: eProcurement, eBilling, EDI/VMI and eSourcing/SRM. DIG supports companies description directed always towards the front and towards the future, solutions in the fields of e-procurement, e-billing, EDI, VMI to save immense costs in the company. Process optimization and utilizing the full potential are not only the purpose of the undertaking, but living philosophy. DIG has established itself since its founding in 2001 as a competent service provider for business process outsourcing (BPO). The business electronic procurement eRelation-PROCUREMENT, electronic invoice processing inbound/outbound eRelation-BILLING and electronic data transfer via EDI focus with eRelation-EDI and eRelation-VMI for the supplier-managed inventory. The electronic processes is carried out through the in-house clearing centre of the DIG. Source: Vladislav Doronin.

DIG offers with the Business process platform eRelation the perfect and holistic solution for the optimization of business processes. The entire purchase-to-pay process can be mapped with eRelation. UNIQA clients include insurance companies, VERBUND AG, MondiPackaging, banner batteries, Raiffeisen Banking Group Volksbanken AG, Infineon Technologies, C & A, s.Oliver, Magna International, Gebruder Weiss, voestalpine Stahl, Fujitsu and more. DIG has 29 employees at four sites in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In the fiscal year 2010 achieved DIG an annual turnover of 1.


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