City Hall

Since then the prosecution would be in charge of the protection of this invaluable record of the history Pereira, between the years 1929 and 1955, and only lack the specimens between the period of 1958-1965 to complete, waiting for that somewhere, inside or outside the country, there are still people sensitive to this cause, and want donarselos Their possession of the city, waiting for better times come to the library. Hence, to the Municipal competition will fit here, that if at the time this was the living room and meeting place for students on the second floor of City Hall, where there was an atmosphere of reverence and silence, it could recover those standards, especially now that it has such excellent facilities. This is the case when the same library worked in the building of the railroad watch the writer and journalist Giron Silvio Gaviria rescued during its first director (1973), at the request of Dr. Octavio Mejia Marulanda (mayor of Pereira), and maintained packed with readers, students, researchers and people without jobs or office, where he also competed in quality and price with the photocopies. This was the period in which the firm began the process of codification, technical classification and positioning of this institution, which by 1979 had grown to 15,000 volumes, a civic task continued Mrs. Gloria Edith Arenas, who continued this work. But today, even our public library has a photocopier cone, which apart from being a paradox in these times, mash them with the height of indifference and procrastination, when there are more than one alternative to solve it by contract, agreement, loan, or civic campaign, but the only thing that shows is that there is no interest in solving it. . Follow others, such as Dr. David Agard, and add to your knowledge base.