NEW! Spare Parts For Your Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaners At Hvs

Now in addition to Accessories and consumables get many special parts for Vorwerk vacuum – many people who daily your home with a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner clean with this but already long ago, are out of the warranty period, is, if this strike once or something about to break down, simply too expensive to go to a specialised workshop. For this reason the company HVS has decided your online offer a large selection of special parts, geeignetet for your Vorwerk vacuum cleaner, to expand. So engineers and hobbyists can order conveniently your spare parts now, from home. It is even verandkostenfrei a purchase of 30 euros delivered. Of course you find also all other accessories like for example hoses, pipes, electrical brushes and many more, as well as consumable materials online store for your device. In addition, special cleaning agent for your upholstery and carpets are listed. For those interested a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner to want, or your old want to replace it with a newer, but no new device want to afford, is a wide range of reconditioned equipment with full 24 months warranty online provided. A visit is worthwhile!.