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Catching Sudak

On lifestyle perch (Fig. 31) has some similarities with pike. He is as ferocious predator, with the second year recent quarter, even their own young. With an elongated snout and a narrow mouth, it feeds on small fish: roach, bleak, Leucaspius, loach, gudgeon, golavlikom, dace, small ruff, perch and carp. Zander loves clean, fresh, oxygen-rich water. It is more common in unpolluted rivers and lakes flowing.

Obviously, for him very favorable for the regime of reservoirs and water channels. Sudak avoids heavily overgrown areas of the coastal strip, preferring places with sandy bottom and deep kamenistsh cluttered and snag koryazhnikom holes and whirlpools. Favorite parking perch – the old river bed slopes in reservoirs, slopes, submerged remains of dams and bridges. Compared with pike perch – pronounced bottom and bottom predator. Catching walleye is similar in technique to catch pike.

Here we mention only the main features of it. Zander should catch on small bait fish, which has a narrow body. On some waters walleye, as an exception, takes the crucian. Vitality crucian distinguishes it from other kinds of live bait. Observations indicate that the walleye poor takes sluggish live bait. During a strong Jora perch are not particularly choosy in food, as evidenced by our study in 119 stomachs of pike caught during the summer Jora (in 1948) to Pestovo reservoir. The stomachs of 32 pike were fingerlings of various fish, a 25-perch, a 22 – ruff: the 12 – small fry, at 8 – the food was digested, a 9 – stomachs were empty.