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Advisory Shop

Partner network of shop system provider to ciando, libri, trusted shops, etracker, giropay, guenstiger.de, wired minds and B2U/McAffeeSecure expands eCCOMES expands its position as leading supplier of shop system for publishers and complements its partner network to further cooperations with renowned partners from the fields of: Contentzulieferer: ciando and libri product comparison: guenstiger.de payment provider: giropay shop seal: trusted shops data security: B2U (McAffee secure) Web controlling: etracker and wired minds of the impressive eCCOMES partner network services complement the core E-commerce consulting and implementation of online shops. New and existing customers benefit from special know-how and software standards, integrated interfaces and special conditions. We offer our customers complete solutions and comprehensive professional service; We succeed even better with offerings from the new partners”, says Managing Director Peter Stanton mountain. About eCCOMES the eCCOMES GmbH is a Stuttgart-based company, which since 1997 Advisory and gaganzheitliche solutions in complex customized shop systems and Web-based process optimization offers the areas. In addition to the use of innovative, practice-oriented software is our focus on close collaboration with our customers and their intensive care. As venture asset investor (VAI) supports eCCOMES young and ambitious company with software and technical services as well as strategic planning, management and development of the online business..

The EBook Search Engine

Powerful search for electronic books. After several failed attempts to establish electronic books on the market, the ebook has now found its place. Especially in the area of advice that has become eBook to a fixed size. Even with a real boom in demand is expected for the future. (As opposed to Proper Topper). Powerful search engine with the growing number of available titles will be lost naturally increasingly the overview of the available publications. What is needed is a powerful ebook search engine.

Such offers ekniga.de at the Web address. Extensive database has so far almost 1500 titles the database from ekniga.de. A number that is constantly increasing in size and needs to be updated again. Clarity due to the electronic books were divided thematically into nine categories. Among other things Advisor and works on the topics of “Business to Business”, “sports and recreation”, “computers and Internet” can be found here and “money and” Employment”. However, the search is possible by keyword, without first calling a category. There are details about each guide details and the possibility of inside to breathe by excerpt in the book. For customers who convince yourself of the quality of the advisors were and want to buy it, the possibility to acquire the desired track via instant download. Interesting to mention that the homepage is not only in the German language, but also on Russian callable.


NetBooster will continue with its international expansion policy. New industrial partnership and participation in market leader in Denmark. Frankfurt, January 08, 2009 – (NBANBPM07012009) – the companies (FR0000079683 ALNBT) NetBooster and guava (DK0060074144 GUAVA.CO) have an industrial and operational partnership agreed on, which is supported by an elfprozentige equity of NetBooster (www.netbooster-agency.de) in guava (www.guava.com). This strategic move of the two leading agencies for interactive marketing has concretized after several months of talks and is the result of a common industrial vision of management of both groups. The objective of the partnership is to improve the services on behalf of customers as a result of the following points: complementary geographic presence that does not collide throughout Europe, shared access to a pool of more than 400 online marketers in nine European countries, deepened and complementary technology tools and technical platform. This partnership and its industrial logic have been underpinned by NetBoosters acquisition of a minority stake in guava by means of a capital increase.

NetBooster has acquired capital for one million euros 14 million new shares, or 11 percent of guavas. Guava and NetBooster are both leading interactive agencies with solid market shares of guava in Northern Europe (Scandinavia and the United Kingdom) and by NetBooster in southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain). Both companies offer professional advice on the full spectrum of online marketing. These include: online marketing advice, search engine marketing, media consultancy and buying, Web design, affiliate marketing management of CRM data mining. \”We have seen NetBoosters activities for a long time, and we firmly believe that our geographical complementarity will allow us to make our respective customers very competitive deals anywhere in Europe,\” commented Brian Mertz Pedersen, Managing Director and CEO of guava. \”We expect the cooperation substantial gains on both sides.\” Pascal Chevalier, Chairman and CEO of NetBooster, adds: \”over the last several years has enormously developed guava and created a strong and valuable position in Scandinavia and the UK markets.

Miosito Goes Online! New Online Shop For Baby Clothes From 0-18 Months!

You are looking for something special and not the usual mass-produced? Then you are right. Here you will find Baybmode boutique quality at department store prices. child-friendly fashion for babies from 0-18 M. The preparations have taken long, but now it’s finally done. MIOSITO – terrific fashion for kids has opened its online store for baby clothes from 0-18 months beginning September. The shop offers not the usual mass-produced goods in the field of baby fashion, but has been concerned about the quality and the design of baby clothes. MIOSITO can produce a reliable partner in Peru.

This was for several reasons. A man has family roots in Peru, and this of course the best contacts. One of the world’s best cotton is processed into the second in Peru, the Pimabaumwolle. MIOSITO has found a partner who delivers absolute quality. Also MIOSITO can influence the design at any time, which will be implemented according to your own preferences. Continues on child-friendly images, but the most important MIOSITO is that the little ones in the baby clothes absolutely feel. All products are planned down to the last detail with lots of love and then manufactured.

Many products are provided with beautiful applications with lovingly by hand. Here is absolute boutique quality at the Department store price. Due to the special requirements, which in itself does MIOSITO, abides by the product range at present still in bounds, but in November 2012 to another collection grows, so a regular stopping worth. It’s even easier to subscribe to the RSS feed of the page, then you are always informed about all novelties. At the time (October 2012) MIOSITO body provides’s jacket and fitted for the guys on and body’s with leggings, jackets, dresses and fitted for the girls. Everything via DHL/Deutsche Post will be sent within 24 hours after ordering. You have also the possibility to get a gift wrap and deliver directly to a different address. The shipping fee is