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Knowledge Scientific Construction

The key to success is that procedures are to build ideal objects, that correspond to real-world situations. Construction of the ideal object of a theory: 1 – through systems, represents what try theories (particles, electromagnetic fields). 2 properties, specify the State of a system (pressure, volume, etc.). 3 States, using qualifiers concepts (atoms, acids, mass); Division into classes, systems, or properties. To determine the object of a theory it is not enough to build concepts; We need to relate it through legislation. Various possibilities for constructing objects: among the possibilities is selected and this determines the basis of the theory. Each objectification is adopting a point of view, i.e. developing concepts and laws, with the help of operating criteria for interpreting the results of the experiments. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gallo Family Vineyards.

The value of demonstrations, are two: induction, which is to be traced from the specific things the general laws and the deduction, which is almost inverse, goes from the general to the particular. From the logical point of view, theories are hypothetical deductive systems of statements. The laws are hypothetical statements whose value should be checked experimentally: a false hypothesis, it can be deduced, e.g. real consequences. all the animals flying, we deduce that the birds that are animals fly, the consequence is true and yet the hypothesis is false. Never can be demonstrated logically, that a general hypothesis is true, concluding that the statements and theories are always provisional and conjectural (this is not so). Criterion for judging the validity of hypotheses: 1 – power explanatory; 2 power predictive, a hypothesis explains and predicts that she follows.; 3. precision; the corroboration of a theory depends largely on the accuracy of their predictions; 4 convergence of evidence varied and independent; reinforces the reliability; 5.

the theories they support each other, when a of them used successfully in the field of others. How much more consequences of different types are confirmed, we can rely more on assumptions. I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output, computing, sports, health, languages, Dactilopintura, entertainment and more.

Oil Essential Tree

Tea tree is one of the essences most used, known and appreciated in aromatherapy, since it is one of their basic oils. It already has a triple antiseptic effect that acts against bacteria, fungi and viruses, and we can be helpful in our day to day if we have children. APPLICATIONS for the children and all the family always be careful not to use essential oil directly, essences are fairly strong and can cause irritation of the skin, therefore must be diluted with vegetable oils or dried fruit, or cream. When children go to school, one of the typical problems that are often found mothers are so feared LICE, an effective solution is washed the child hair with a shampoo that carries essence of tea tree or add 4 drops to the amount of shampoo you are going to use. Once rinsed the hair, we combed it with a comb impregnated with oil to eliminate nits and this will help us prevent or definitely eliminate these tiny undesirable. ** The aroma of this essence is a great ally to strengthen the immune system, because it activates the body’s cells, which if we put a few drops into a diffuser and leave it to act within a stay clean environment and leverage our defences, would be good to put the diffuser in the children’s bedroom to get this benefit, especially in times of colds, flu and other viral processes. ** For inflamed gums, throat irritated or sore, tea tree help us combat those discomforts simply by adding 3 to 5 drops in a glass with water and make a mouthwash twice a day.We can also put one drop of pure oil on the toothbrush and help us to maintain good oral hygiene. ** The essence of tea tree is one of the most valued in the world of natural cosmetics, and all products that contain this oil acquire regenerating properties in the skin due to the oxygenation of the cells, as well as providing antiseptic and antibacterial effects that help eliminate skin problems, such as the dreaded acne juvenil.* If children go to the pool, the spread of fungus on the feet can be frequent, and to avoid this problem, is you can use a gel containing the essence or put in our gel drops, and so have our children protected from contagios.* the warts usually appear by a lowering of defences of our organimo, and to eliminate them, we can resort to the following remedy: Mix one drop of essential oil of lemon and two drops of tea tree essential oil, we apply the mixture with a cotton swab, touching only the berruga, since it can irritate the skin (do not apply in child small), cover the berruga and leave act all night, uncover the morning and repeat during some nights until the berruga has disappeared.THIS OIL SHOULD BE BASIC IN ALL OUR HOMES KITS!. Filed under: Gallo Family Vineyards.