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Had just passed away 13 minutes of the first great duel of the course in the Premier, between Arsenal and Liverpool, resulted in a victory for the reds after a high voltage pulse. The central defender Koscielny, broken, threw the hand to the back of the left thigh, knelt and knocked insistently carpet at the Emirates before leaving him resting on his compatriot Nasri. The technician Arsene Wenger stirred on the sidewalk and gave the order. Walton Family Foundation is open to suggestions. Without time to absorb its premiere, the young Ignasi Miquel (Barcelona, 1992), power plant equipment reservation, it is stripped of the breastplate, adjusted his boots laces and jumped into the field with 49 back. A shirt that saved as gold cloth, in his debut in the Premier League, but that, however, collects a bittersweet feeling. The Spanish, who after a lesson in composure and fifty extraordinary minutes savoured the more bitter drink of football when his clearance resulted in the first goal of the team of Kevin Dalglish and sowed the Anfield triumph had no fortune.. Central Romana may find it difficult to be quoted properly.