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Operating System Windows

There are situations when the drive to read discs just 'disappears' from the operating system. And he is determined in the BIOS. Why is that? In most cases the 'guilty' in the different programs for burning CDs, such as Easy CD Creator or DirectCD, as well as other similar software. CDDVD drive in Device Manager or not visible at all, or defined as an unknown device. As a result, the Windows detects the following errors: No access to the player CD-ROM drive icon in "My Computer". In Device Manager, each device installed on your computer for CD-ROM with the following message: This device is working properly because it could not load the drivers for it (Code 31). Additional information at Walton Family Foundation supports this article.

Device Manager displays the following error message: This device driver is not required and it has been disabled (Code 32 or Code 31). or failed to load driver this device. The driver is corrupted or missing (Code 39). Device Manager displays the following error message with code 19 (the registry returned an unknown value): Your registry might be corrupted (Code 19). Also may receive the following error message: The driver for this device has been successfully loaded, but the device is not detected (Code 41). There are several methods for solving the problem: In the Device Manager on the table of contents list, right-click and update the configuration of the equipment. Device Manager to remove the device from the list CDDVD (to be defined as an unknown device) and reboot the computer. Device Manager Update Driver CDDVD.

Device Manager to update the driver lost CDDVD, pre-assembled whole files from another working OS Windows% windir% infcdrom.inf% windir% infcdrom.pnf% systemdir% cdrom.sys% systemdir% redbook.sys% systemdir% imapi.sys one together and specify the directory with these files to update the drivers. roll back the system to a restore point or two, if not help (Accessories-> Utilities-> System Restore). In my vzlyad, it's ineffective solutions, though, do not hide the fact that such decisions allow the operating system 'see' the missing CDDVD drive. The most effective – is Registered decision. I want to warn: Incorrect use of Registry Editor can cause the operating system inoperable and require you to reinstall your. Microsoft is not responsible for any incorrect use of Registry Editor. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. Create back up the registry before editing it. Third-party products mentioned in this article are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the performance or reliability of these products. So the decision Registered in Windows built a registry editor, you can manually edit the registry entries. It's called regedit. Cause it is possible through the Start menu. Further