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Female Gymnasiums

A new gymnasium only for women of the hispanoportuguesa chain VivFit has abierto its doors in Nicosia (Cyprus) the past 16 of February, with an inaugural speech in charge of Cypriot Prime minister? they rsen Kk, that said that his government grants great importance to the foreign investments that are being realised in the country. Fruit in the agreement reached at the end of the year last between the feminine mark is a reality of fitness and two local businessmen. And its success has been like the equipment of this VivFit has been able to surpass in his first week of activity the 100 inscriptions of partners. Reason why, according to its people in charge, to reach the balance point is feasible long before the awaited thing. The agreement of masterful tax exemption that has allowed the opening of the first VivFit in Nicosia formalized in last August, between the CEO of the hispanoportuguesa mark, Cypriot Pedro Ruiz, and two industralists, Bulut Erkal and Mentes Gizem, that in spite of their property to the association of young industralists of their country already own experience in the world of the businesses, through the local Chamber of Commerce. This agreement includes, by the size of the island, the opening of 25 gymnasiums in the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of the North of Cyprus, reason why masterfranquicia happiness contemplates the possible expansion more ahead to the rest of Turkey, where VivFit in all the country would already be being been speaking of 400.

For Pedro Ruiz, the opening of the first VivFit in Nicosia represents an advance post in the zone, and will constitute the center of formation from any possible expansion to all the Turkish republics: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kirguistn, Turkmenistan In fact, is going to be used for the necessary transition as the methods as the mark to the culture and the way to think Muslim, because the countries are not few in which contracts of masterful tax exemption negotiate already. VivFit has been hispanoportuguesa, pioneering a chain of gymnasiums in the introduction in the Iberian Peninsula, for one decade, of the concept of centers of fitness only stops the woman. The key of its success is in going to an ample public, in including the nutrition like part of the healthful life that it promotes and in offering a new concept of formation, trim in the results of the clients, adapting to the needs and limitations of each woman. MORE INFORMATION: VivFit is a network of exercise centers, physical health and well-being for women, in whom a complete method is offered to be in form with only 30 minutes of daily exercise, Pilates and a program of nutritional education, all this in a familiar and funny atmosphere. This chain of tax exemptions allows the today woman to stay in the form of a fast form, since an instructor animates, corrects and motivates, but always respecting the rate and the possibilities of each partner.