New Environmental And Cost-conscious PC Power Supply Series

The Taiwanese Enermax Technology Corporation brings an energy-saving result model on the market with the upgrade of the world’s most successful liberty series. Hamburg – Enermax launches sale of power supply series LibertyEco to round the year. Thus, the company completes its range of energy-saving and high-efficiency power supplies. LibertyEco achieves efficiency of 82 to 86 percent in the 230-Volt mains. It meets the requirements of the international Energiesparzertifikats 80plus ( Technically, the new power supply series is at the pulse of time: LibertyEco has the latest network part standard ATX12V v2. 3 compatible. The series on the market comes in three performance categories: with 400, 500 and 620 Watts.

The price is depending on the model between 84.90 Euro Euro 149 MSRP incl. VAT This makes LibertyEco an attractive and affordable alternative for all PC hobbyists and gamers. Flexible and future-proof the predecessor model liberty evolved after its introduction in 2006 becomes the best-selling PSU with modular cable management in Europe. The modular alignment is also at the revised LibertyEco series to an important purchase argument. Unlike with ordinary power supplies only the really necessary connection cables are firmly attached. The user can adjust the PSU on his individual needs and avoids unnecessary clutter in the PC case.

The innovative cable management system with 12-pin socket is trend-setting standard with Enermax power supplies. It ensures compatibility with the high-performance system components in the future. High-performance at a fair price Enermax enjoys high reputation for the high quality and excellent workmanship of its products among experts. Also the LibertyEco meets the requirements of a demanding buyers and also combines everything that is expected of an innovative power supply: ground-breaking technology, maximum efficiency and performance at an affordable price.