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The customer can rely on a single integrated system.” The expert sees a high demand for Visual support during the fitting process due to the situation at Fliessstrassen: today the majority of the worker is taught. This means that before beginning an intensive training is the be-all and end-all of consistent quality. “With IPM PG the companies benefit twice: you can reduce the time spent on training, and at the same time all the information about the gland are collected and documented.” The fitting process with IPM PG, proceed as follows: first the workers covered the current component via a bar code scanner. IPM PG gets all relevant information about this component and what part the worker, he shows how to screw. Also parameters such as the torque of the end displays the software and sets the corresponding fastening/parameter set on the tool. After each coupling process, IPM PG receives the value of the processing. The instant display of IO or fail, he can Werker early mistakes in the fitting process, identify and resolve.

After the successful processing of a process step, IPM PG displays the next screw locations including all information. So far, many companies in the documentation of the fittings put on paper or text documents. This is born out of necessity, because in the past, hardly sophisticated work management systems existed. IPM PG combines active, Visual support for the worker with the documentation of the respective screw process. Companies to greater transparency, lowering their rework rate. Tags: plant Guide, reducing time spent on training, production line, flow Street production, documentation, rework, vendor independence, fitting process.

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