Valuable Documents Gently Scan

Transparent plastic bags for valuable reflective and transparent are large-scale historical and valuable documents, such as centuries-old maps and newspapers, often in a very brittle and tattered State and would already break when digitizing or disintegrate. In addition, the documents have often torn and frayed edges. “It interferes with the tray into the scanner, because the straight” edge is missing. They must be digitized especially gentle to the template in order to preserve this heritage for future generations. To do this, users can use a transparent DIN A1 polyester foil bag. The document is simply inserted into the pouch and then led them to the scanner. Another usage for the pouch is round or odd scanning”templates.

“Because here the straight” edge is missing, facilitated the document feeder to the film. Several small documents, such as small photos can be digitized so quickly on a large-format feed scanner. In doing so the images side by side in the bag and initially scanned as an image. The individual images are then separated in post-processing. Plastic bags can be purchased around the clock over the image access customer service portal. The bags are offered as a 10-Pack for 150 or 100 Pack for 1.100,00 euros. Image access: Image access is leading manufacturer of large format scanner technology for professional applications. With many patented in-house developments, the company is among the technological leaders and employs more than 60 people, most of them at the Wuppertal headquarters.