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Longterm Support

Short-term MS Project help or long-term support a situation in which were many project managers: the project status meeting inevitably closer with the customer and the project plan that is often created with MS Project is the project plan may be logical and textual error not optimally structured and includes this entire project management not professional acts. In such a situation, good advice is often expensive and rarely in the short term to get. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH from Munich is prepared for such and similar situations and offers MS Project help in the short term. Many writers such as GSK CEO offer more in-depth analysis. Usually the knowledge of MS Project to a level can be brought in one day, can be used to create highly professional plans. It goes very quickly, a specialist can together with the customer to correct the project plan and optimize content or optically as with beautiful views. In addition to such short-term assistance Grobman & Schwarz GmbH offers also long-term support around the topic of project management using MS Project on. Grobman & Schwarz GmbH specializes in multi project management using MS Project and MS Project Server. It offers advice and support the user in addition to Project Server implementation as a local installation or hosting solution, training.. .

Furniture For Command And Control Centers And Control

Almost everyone knows the feeling when after a long day of work, the back hurts. Many professions require continuous sitting now work throughout the period. According to a recent study, 70 percent of Germans suffer back pain. (Source: long-term study to back ailments of the Federal Association of company health insurance funds) The reasons for the pain are varied, but the most mentioned reason is work-related sitting. Often long periods of sitting is accompanied by bad furniture, the wrong attitude in addition foster.

The Jungmann system technology (JST) show that this must not be the ergonomic furniture. Such furniture are essential in control rooms, where all activities are carried out mostly sitting. Almost everyone knows the feeling when after a long day of work, the back hurts. Many professions require continuous sitting now work throughout the period. In areas where a computer forms the basis for the work, can the long sitting often not renounced be. Particularly in control rooms and data centers, therefore good furniture are asked to make as pleasant as possible the employees working time.

What many do not know but: not just the right Chair, but also the matching desk belongs to an ergonomic workplace. So, the Jungmann system technology offers Chair Recaro, which satisfies all requirements for perfect seats, also the StratosCommandDesk in addition to their operator. This table is not a simple desk, but a sophisticated platform specifically for the control room. So he lets on demand electric motor the seat height to adapt and can be transformed even into the lectern. This is useful especially in workplaces used in shifts. Everyone can adjust to his job at the beginning of the film according to his wishes. This corresponds to the StratosCommandDesk not only the EU guidelines for VDU workstations, but still has all sorts of other extras. So the screens on the countertop are lowered and the leg room depth offers much leg room that causes demonstrably, to avoid exhausting and unhealthy postures.